12 Days Rain Forest, Boababs & Tsingy Visit Madagascar
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Start from Antananarivo and discover the rainforest, embark on a 3 day river trip and camp on the sand banks, climb the Tsingy of Bemaraha and finish your trip with a beautiful sunset at the Alley of Baobabs.

  • Destination:Rwanda
    • Hotel:4 Stars
    • Meals:Lunch, Dinner
  • PRICE :

    $959 $800

DAY 1:

Arrival in Madagascar

Up on arrival at Antananarivo international airport, you will be welcomed by our team. You will then be transferred to your hotel in the city center. Check in at san Cristobal hotel where you will have your meals and spend the night.

DAY 2:

City tour in Antananarivo

We will discover the beautiful city of Antananarivo with its colorful life, history and architecture. We spend the morning in the Old City where will be introduced to the architecture and urbanism of the capital of Madagascar. We will drive through the busy and vibrant streets of the capital. We will also visit the royal citadel of Ambohimanga, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to learn about the history of the Madagascar kingdom and the rich culture of this island.

Dinner and overnight as above.

DAY 3:

Drive from the capital to the rainforest of Andasibe

On this day, we will drive towards the Eastern part of the island. We will reach the Andasibe National Park by the end of the day and visit of the park that same evening. You will expect to spot various nocturnal animal species. Check in at Mantadia lodge where you will have meals and an overnight stay.

DAY 4:

Explore the rainforest of Andasibe.

On this day you can choose to explore the park for the whole day. Some fitness level would be required to move through the forest.

Andasibe Mantadia Park is home to 108 species of birds, 14 species of lemurs in there, 51 species, and 84 species of amphibians. At 7:00am, we will reach the entrance of the Andasibe National park. We will hike in the rain forest to track lemurs and at the same time see various species of plants, trees, insects and reptiles. We will seek the largest lemur of Madagascar: the famous “Indri Indri” also known as “Babakoto” in Malagasy. This lemur is endemic to the site and is its icon. We will also explore the famous Vakona Island for close up experiences and many photo opportunities with the animals. As you move through the forest, you will expect to spot various wildlife that live in the forest.

Dinner and overnight as above.

DAY 5:

Andasibe – Ambatolampy – Antsirabe

We leave Andasibe national park and come back to the highlands to drive the famous national road 7, which leads to the South of Madagascar. Our lunch enroute will be in Ambatolampy where we will meet villagers who make handmade traditional pots from recycled aluminium. In the afternoon, we will reach the town of Antsirabe, known for its thermal waters and rickshaws.

Check in at hotel antsirabe for dinner and overnight.

DAY 6:

Explore the rainforest of Andasibe.

You will begin this day with a drive across the highlands before entering the region of Menabe and its magnificent landscapes. From above 1500 meters of altitude, you will slowly descent to sea level while admiring the evolution and change of scenery.  We arrive in Morondava, a laid back town on the shores of the Mozambique channel.

Dinner and overnight at Laguna Beach.

DAY 7:

Off-road drive to Bekopaka

We will follow the dust track leading to the Tsingy of Bemaraha is one of the most rewarding and surprising drive you will ever have. Passing through the dry deciduous forest, you will also embark your vehicle on barges to cross bridge-less rivers. We will reach Belo sur Tsiribihina for lunch and then continue to Bekopaka, the gateway to the Tsingy. Check in at Soleil des Tsingy for dinner and overnight.

DAY 8:

Small Tsingy visit and Pirogue ride on the Manambolo River

On this day, you will have a pirogue ride to see the Manambolo River. You will navigate on a pirogue on one of Madagascar’s largest river between canyons and visit some caves hiding some stalagmites and stalactites.  You will learn the role of the canyons in the traditions of the locals. We visit the small tsingy in the afternoon to finish with a sunset over this unique rock formation.

Dinner and overnight as above.

Dinner and overnight at Laguna Beach.

DAY 9:

Great Tsingy visit

Experience inspiring moments of a lifetime while hiking through caves, mazes, and the peaks of the breath-taking Tsingy of Bemaraha. This is a great hike which will start and end in the forest surrounding the Tsingy. You will then enter labyrinths and the so called cathedrals made of rocks before securely climbing to reach the top of the Tsingy. Before going down, you will cross the famous suspended bridge. A full day of hiking which will reward any traveller.

Dinner and overnight as above.

DAY 10:

Bekopaka – Morondava

Leave the Tsingy of Bemaraha in the morning in order to reach Belo sur Tsiribihina at lunch time. We cross the Tsiribihina River again and drive through the Kirindy dry forest. During the course of the afternoon we enter the world famous alley of Baobabs at sunset, one of the most beautiful show the nature can offer. We will stop there until the sun disappears before continuing to Morondava.

Dinner and overnight at Laguna Beach.

DAY 11:


We will spend the day in Morondava to rest after these long days of driving on dust roads and hiking. Enjoy the beach of the Mozambique channel while watching the traditional sailing boats passing by. Overnight as above.

DAY 12:

Flying back to Antananarivo.

You will be transferred by air to Antananarivo. We will drive you to the handcraft market. We will transfer you to the airport to catch your international flight.

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